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"The tragic events of a car accident left my wife paralyzed and diagnosed as a quadriplegic for the rest of her life.  In my mind, I had settled in for a long hard road that only God was going to get us through.  My wife suggested we obtain law counsel, but I refused, having engaged with lawyers in the past that left a bad taste in my mouth. After about a month, I relented and got in contact with the Ammon’s Law Firm. From day one, the Firm has been professional and courteous; from the administrative person that answers the phone, to the lawyers working the case, everyone is at the top of their game – they are the best!"

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2003 - 2013


Michael Doe - Photo of damaged tire bead.

Michael Doe, 36, had just finished mounting a Titan 18.4-30 heavy-duty R1 tractor tire on its rim and was putting a valve stem in the tire when a bead on the tire failed.  The tire rim assembly separated explosively, striking him in the head.  Doe suffered fatal head injuries.  He had been a tire serviceman earning $25,000 annually and is survived by his parents, wife, adult daughter and minor son.
Doe’s parents, daughter, wife and on behalf of his son, sued the manufacturer of the tire, alleging defective design in that the tire’s bead design incorporated several side-by-side layers of .037-inch wires, requiring each wire to be terminated on top and on bottom of the bead.

Plaintiffs claimed that each termination point created a weak area where stress concentrated on the bead.

RESULT: SETTLEMENT for $2,300,000 with $1,376,000 net to client after payment of $42,116 for expenses and $881,666 for attorney's fees.

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